Registry Cleaner Software

When a Windows computer has been used for some time that tends to slow down, freeze and, at times, sometimes even crash completely. It can take months or years, depending on how you use your machine, but that will happen.

Why? The reason is almost always a record of corruption that has become bloated with data files and useless. Every time you install or uninstall a program of incomplete fragments of the program will remain in the registry causing it to become choked with the data after a while.

The record is something that all Windows PCs. This is basically a database of entries that the operating system used to operate the machine. When bloated with too many pieces of data the OS has to find its way through all the excess entries to locate the information you need to run the computer programs. This causes a noticeable slowdown balkiness and operation of the machine.

The only way to correct this problem is to remove all unwanted data entries from the registry. All windows have a feature called PC Regedit is intended solely for that purpose. You can access Regedit by pressing START then RUN type regedit in the box. When ready to begin using Regedit should first back up your registry so you can restore if something goes wrong. This is done by clicking below, select FILE EXPORT. Name of backup file so that you can find and save to your desktop or elsewhere.

Now you can proceed to go through the registry entries and remove any that do not want. In reviewing the registry entries, you will face a formidable task. Unless you really know what they're doing will be obvious to you that you need help at this point. Only remove a wrong entry and you can completely disable the computer that does not want to do.

Fortunately there is help available in the form of a registry cleaner online application that can do the job quickly and safely. A good registry repair utility backup of your registry then delete all unnecessary registry entries. It cleans easily and securely recording in minutes and the team return to the sweet machine running fast it was before the record is tainted.

We bought several of the most popular registry cleaner applications and testing to see which was better. We found that vary widely in ability to detect errors in the registry. The best registry cleaner applications may detect many more misconceptions that some of the others.