The Conficker Virus

In our modern society today, it seems that everything is being powered by the computers - from large-scale enterprises to small businesses ranging from banks, shopping centers, oil companies, etc. Everything is computer-generated. But what would you do if suddenly your business is fueled by all the team, is bugged? Have you heard of the virus Conficker?

What is and what it does?

Recently a virus called Conficker also known as Downadup has caused major problems in some large corporations in Britain. They have discovered that it all started in October or November last year (2008), when computers began to malfunction in the said undertaking. This virus is still very new and still in the process of studying their ability to destroy teams headed by the British Technology Security Experts.

A Conficker Virus is an intelligent computer program developed by hackers for malicious purposes. As stated above, this virus also known as Downadup only recently found after affecting millions of computers in a large corporation in Britain.They still do not know yet the full potential Conficker virus, but to the extent that the incident in Britain showed, this is that this virus is able to do right now:

1. Even if you have a backup in the event that affected by a virus, this virus disables Conficker instantly backup service which will undoubtedly remain with nothing.
2. Virus Conficker also not permitted to enter the site security.
3. Will erase all your important documents and recently saved.
4. Virus Conficker also not give you access to sites and security services.
5. That will make your computer vulnerable to infected machines to make more of the creator of the malware programs.

Now, if you think you are infected, it is not too late. Help is available online or you can ask a computer virus known expert to inspect the equipment, and specifically look for a Conficker virus.