Google Back to Normal

That's right, Google is back to functioning normally. You no longer have the "This site may harm your computer" message come up with every search result. There has still not been any official word from Google on this matter.

Google Hacked???

At around 3pm (GMT ) Google was hacked. Whenever you made a search using Google, all of the results would come up with the message "This site may harm your computer", a message that traditionally comes when a dangerous or inappropriate website is in question. There has been no official word from Google yet on the matter. For now, if you want to make a search, you are going to have to settle for Yahoo Search...

Increasing the Battery Life of Your Laptop II

A simple trick, you probable all know it anyway, but here it is.

If you click on the battery symbol on your screen, and click select a power plan, you can change the computer to low performance which can make your computer up to 2X as fast.

Alternatively, if you want to increase the speed of your computer, select the high-performance option

Increasing the Battery Life of Your Laptop

A simple tip for all those who have a laptop.

If your laptop has a high charge level, DO NOT attempt to charge it, as it will lower the overall battery life of your laptop's battery. I once had a laptop where the battery was 100%, and it would last about 5 minutes give or take, so it always had to remain plugged in. Do not make my mistake, do not charge your laptop unnecessarily. However, if you find you have the same problem I did, you could buy a replacement battery cheaply off eBay, like I did.

Creating a Torrent File

Creating a Torrent File is renowned for being a hard and tedious task. However it is much simpler than most claim to be.

Step one: open up your preferred torrent client.

Step two: click file > New Torrent

Step three: Follow the procedure, select the file you want to covert and what yo want to call it etc...

Step four: Click Create Torrent.

Optional: You can also choose to seed your file at this point. This will increase the speed at which people will be able to download your torrent.

And there you have it, your very own torrent file. You can do whatever you want with it; Just keep it, or even upload it to a torrent website.


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