Re-Calibrating Your Battery

It is difficult to predict how long a laptop battery will last because each user has different habits and needs. The rate at which energy is used to determine how long laptop battery can use your laptop's battery. You can re-calibrate your laptop's battery if the battery life has become shorter over time. Battery in your laptop might need a good calibration if they do not seem to be getting the mileage it should. How to re-calibrate your laptop battery? The following paragraphs will give you the answer.

First put the laptop to sleep by turning off the screensaver and other power management settings on your computer. Then, load the equipment and allow it to run all the way until the computer shuts down automatically. Once the battery has fully drained laptop, load a backup again and restore the screen saver and power management.
Re-calibrate the battery every month or so to complete the loading, unloading completely, and then uploading it again fully. Basically, to have the opportunity to re-calibrate your laptop's battery is to turn off all power saving features and fully complete the recharge. If it does not work for the first time, then two more fully address the discharges and recharges.

This form of re-calibrate the laptop works well with portable batteries using Ni-MH cells. But not with laptops using Li-Ion battery deep discharge it really reduce the load capacity and life of Li-Ion cells. In addition Li-ion batteries irreversibly lose approximately 20% capacity per year from the date of manufacture on a typical 100% charge level 25deg.C, even when not used. Li-ion batteries irreversibly lose approximately 2%, 4%, 15% 0deg.C, 25deg.C and 40deg.C respectively, when stored at 40% charge level. Is that each deep discharge cycle decreases the capacity of Li-ion batteries. As the Li-Ion batteries are chemical nature of the loading and reloading will not solve the problem once the chemical reactions going on leave. Therefore, the best advice to re-calibrate batteries, Li-Ion battery is stored in a 40% charge if kept unused for any length of time limitation. Do not let the battery in the laptop if the battery is not used or if the laptop plug in the power output.

It can also re-calibrate the battery using your laptop IBM Thinkpad Battery Maximizer to maximize your laptop battery life. If your IBM ThinkPad laptop computer and has to maximize battery power management features installed, you can check the status of the laptop battery. You can check the battery status using the indicator to maximize battery tray on the taskbar. The ThinkPad battery of Lithium Ion battery that seems to be a smart uses a microprocessor to control its capacity. Then, the microprocessor of the battery passes the information on the remaining battery capacity of the laptop. Indicates the mobile capabilities of high precision.