Increasing Your Laptop's Battery Life - A Complete Step by Step Guide

Sometimes even the most advanced experience of the laptop battery problems a few months after being purchased. Could be due to the irresponsible use. Fortunately, new laptop brands offer warranties for deficient cells within a specific period of time. However, it is still necessary to exert extra effort to care for our laptop to extend battery life laptop. It's pretty easy once you enter the right habits.

Here are some tips on how to extend battery life laptop:

1. Perform regular defrag. "Health" of the battery depends in part on the effectiveness of the hard disk. Defragging increases the efficiency of your PC.

2. Make use of features that allow the screen to darken or change the CPU to hasten cooling.

3. Remove the external storage units when not in use.

4. Provide read-only memory so that you may suffer more with the processes of your laptop battery.

5. Use your hard drive more often than the CD and DVD. Try virtual drives.

6. Clean the contacts of the batteries at least every two months for the transfer of power. Using slightly moistened with alcohol alcohol.

7. Exercise the battery is needed to extend battery life laptop. Unused batteries obtain degraded over a long period of time. Using the battery at least once in a couple of weeks. If your laptop uses Li-on battery, never allow the discharge completely.

8. Hibernate instead of standby. Goes into standby mode if the laptop is not in use, but Hibernate saves energy is more desirable because it is closed completely on your PC.

9. Keep your laptop cool by periodically cleaning the vents.

10. Optimizing energy options.

11. Doing one thing at a time. Multitasking consumes more battery.